Football Training

For Defensive Linemen and Pass Rushers

At Train’s Station, our focused football training for defensive linemen and pass rushers will help you take your training to the next level.

Combining football technique, fundamentals, strength training, flexibility, plus the added benefit of a Pro Football players experience to help you improve and become the best player you can be.

Whether you’re preparing for Friday Night Lights at your local High School, NCAA football playoffs, or the NFL Combine, Train’s Station will get you ready to compete using the right technique for the job.

We bring you here to TRAIN!

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We focus on tailored private coaching and training for defensive linemen and pass rusher football players in Arizona and those willing to travel.

Bertrand Berry Private Football Coaching for Defensive Linemen and Pass Rushers


Former NFL Player and NFC Champion Bertrand “B-Train” Berry played for 13 years in the NFL and is now taking his expertise of over 30 years playing football at both high school, college, and Pro levels and bringing the skills and discipline he has honed to his clients.

Today, he is in the business of developing successful athletes – from 13 years old to NFL players and beyond.

“I personally coach my clients on the techniques and skills that make them better Defensive Linemen and Pass Rushers – while building relationships of trust on and off the field!” -B-Train
Knowledgeable with the utmost integrity. Real college and NFL experience!

Gary Miller


Conveniently located in Phoenix just 10 minutes from the airport and approximately 25 minutes away from most East and West Valley high schools and colleges, Train’s Station is the perfect place for private football coaching and training.¬†Designed with the same equipment you will find on an NFL field, we can help you train for your next football season or combine no matter the weather in our indoor facilities.


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